Importance of Good Diet and Exercise in Our Lives

Do you know that the right nutrition has a vital role in certain processes connected to the formation of bone as well as its maintenance in terms of mineral density? The amount of calcium in our body is actually is actually subjective to the dynamic balancing process, such as calcium levels in the food we consume, the ability of one’s intestines to absorb it, as well as the secretion levels through a person’s urine.

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As a matter of fact, all these factors can greatly influence the calcium’s biological availability for the advantage of bone formation as well as the prevention of bone loss. Most of the time, the bone formation process reaches its peak during the first few decades of life. A diet that is rich in calcium during this certain period of time is very important in order to achieve the right bone mass. Later in life, an adequate dietary calcium supplementation is very important in order to maintain an optimal bone mass as well as for bone loss prevention. Dairy and milk are actually considered as the most readily available calcium source in most countries.

Aside from that, the remaining calcium is often derived from dried fruits, leafy vegetables, soy, and tahini. Furthermore, calcium from most plants is also less absorbable by our body than calcium that we can get from dairy products. Aside from that, a small portion of our daily calcium intake comes from drinking water – bottled and tap. Most foods are also poor in calcium; thus, it might be quite difficult to achieve the needed amount of calcium on a daily manner, even with a balanced and good diet.

That is the reason why your diet should be paid attention to the fact that other foods that are rich in calcium, like sardines, tahini, and almonds, are also rich in fat and calories, and therefore it’s advised that the consumption of these foods are being limited. Furthermore, calcium from a diet is not totally absorbed by the body. Foods that are rich in calcium like broccoli, legumes, leeks, spinach, green cabbage, and parsley contain additional nutrients that are affecting the acidity level of our intestine, thus reducing our body’s ability to absorb calcium.

The rate of calcium absorption usually ranges between 15 percent to 70 percent of the amounts that are present in a certain food. Additionally, the potential of calcium absorption often depends on the overall ingredients of a particular, yet it is also influenced by a lot of hormonal and physiological factors like vitamin D, age, pregnancy, and stomach acidity. Thus, calcium absorption potential, including its biological availability are significant factors compared to a food’s original calcium content. Now that you have read the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet, it’s important that you consider changing your current diet to a well-balanced one today.

As a matter of fact, a balanced diet will not only keep you healthy but it can also give you a desirable body figure, which means balanced diet is essential to everyone regardless of age, race, gender, and culture. 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